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When is "banter" actually bullying?

Friendly banter is fun right? But what happens when it crosses that line and is bullying in disguise?
- 1. Think before you speak - Would it be funny if someone said the same things to you?
- 2. Don't pick on someone's insecurities. That’s a low blow!
- 3. Be aware whether someone is clearly not enjoying the 'banter'. If they’re not. STOP.
- 4. Don't laugh along if you’re not finding it funny.
- 5. Saying something is 'just banter' doesn’t mean it is. There’s a line. Don’t cross it.


All forms of bullying are unacceptable and are not tolerated at Mark Rutherford School.

Bullying is:

·Deliberately hurtful
·Repeated, often over a period of time
·Difficult to defend against

Students should report all incidents of bullying, so that they can be dealt with quickly and effectively by staff. These incidents may not directly involve them, but if they have witnessed this behaviour, they are encouraged to report all incidents to a member of staff.


You can use the make a report link to pass on important information